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Over the last 16 years we protected the high quality tourism in Italy certifying standards of excellence of the historic houses and the historical luxury hotels.

With an extremely rigorous testing protocol, each year only 20% of historic houses candidate failing to pass our stringent quality control filters, necessary to obtain the Certificate of Quality.

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The Certificate of Quality is issued and periodically renewed only to the finest Italian historic houses.

Guests looking for prestigious castles, luxury villas and locations of high historical value, elegant and charming interiors, high reception Standards, exclusive reliability and excellence services, only choose historical houses that obtained the Certificate of Quality.

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Castle, sec.XI Parma

Surrounded by greenery amidst the hills breathtaking landscape shaping the border between the Provinces of Parma and Piacenza, just few minutes away from the Thermal Spa town of Salsomaggiore Terme, in the Emilia Romagna region, the Castle of Scipione from the Marquises Pallavicino is situated inside of an evocative medieval hamlet. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 11 August 2015

Historic house, sec.XVIII Cagliari

Corte Cristina is a wonderful home of the XVII century, with period furnishings, great halles for parties and luxurious suites. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 4 March 2016

Castle, sec.XII Grosseto

A place of refined hospitality in the structures of the ancient borgo of the high Maremma. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 1 April 2016

Weddings in luxury locations

Weddings and events in castles, luxury villas and historic houses

Country house, sec.XVI Rovigo

Tenuta Cartirago è un'imponente ed elegante edificio di interesse storico culturale che fa parte di un piccolo borgo nato nel periodo rinascimentale, gioiello incastonato nelle ricche campagne Polesane. [...]

Luxury villa, sec.XVII Venice

The Casa di Villa Correr Agazzi well represents the most remarkable character of Venices mainland landscape, typical expression of that extraordinary cultural life experience known as Civiltà di Villa (Villas civilization). [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 28 January 2016

Castle, sec.XVIII Turin

This ancient and delicate house is located on the outskirts of Turin, to the Val di Susa and owes its name to the Baron Giovanni Piero Saffarone who inherited in 1685. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 15 February 2016

Meeting in historic houses and charming hotels

Luxury location, villas, castles for meeting, events and conferences

Castle, sec.X Novara

The Castle of Vespolate with its millennial history will allow You to organize marriages and events in an unique atmosphere. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 18 April 2016

Country house, sec.XX Rome

Villa Antico Melograno is located in the middle of the Roman countryside where, between the 12th and the 14th century, many castles and country houses were built following the will of an elite Roman upper class. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 12 April 2016

Historic house, sec.XIX Avellino

"Vittoli Palace" is a noble palace built in 1818 (the date shown on the emblem of the portal), located in the heart of Castelfranci (less than 30 km from Avellino ), close to the Mother Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso (built in 1784 on the ruins of a chapel dating from the fourteenth century), and belonged to an ancient family of doctors, lawyers and notaries. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 4 February 2016