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Over 50,000 Quality Controls each year to select only the finest historic houses in Italy

Since 1999 we certify the Quality of the historical luxury hotels

Over the last 14 years we protected the high quality tourism in Italy certifying standards of excellence of the historic houses and the historical luxury hotels.

With an extremely rigorous testing protocol, each year only 20% of historic houses candidate failing to pass our stringent quality control filters, necessary to obtain the Certificate of Quality.

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Only the best castles and luxury villas for vacation and wedding

The Certificate of Quality is issued and periodically renewed only to the finest Italian historic houses.

Guests looking for prestigious castles, luxury villas and locations of high historical value, elegant and charming interiors, high reception Standards, exclusive reliability and excellence services, only choose historical houses that obtained the Certificate of Quality.

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Marche, Fermo
Umbria, Perugia
Tuscany, Florence

Tuscany, Pisa
Tuscany, Florence
Piedmont, Alessandria
Umbria, Perugia
Veneto, Verona

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Tuscany, Florence
Umbria, Perugia
Piedmont, Alessandria

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Luxury castle, medieval towers, historical residences for travel, holiday, vacation

Luxury villa, sec.XVIII Perugia

Located on the outskirts of the city of Perugia , on the green hill of Piscille, today the villa belonged to Cardinal Marco Antonio Ansidei in the early 1700s, has been restored to its original splendor. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 17 February 2014

Medieval castle, sec.XVIII Siena

The 18th-century manor house, in this 4-star Tuscan hotel, has three rooms and six suites, some of which still have original frescoes. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 23 April 2014

Abbey and monastery, sec.XIII Perugia

Benedictine Abbey of the thirteenth century. Sixteen suites for a total of 53 beds. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 10 March 2014

Weddings in luxury locations

Weddings and events in castles, luxury villas and historic houses

Historic hotel, sec.XIX Rome

Dimora storica di rara bellezza, eleganza e semplicità sul lago di Bracciano voluta dal Principe Baldassarre Odescalchi verso la metà del XIX° sec. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 6 November 2013

Luxury villa, sec.XIX Asti

Splendida location sulle colline del Monferrato, a solo 30 minuti di strada da Torino e 5 minuti da Asti. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 14 April 2014

Luxury villa, sec.XVI Varese

The elegant Villa Bossi stands today, surrounded by ancient trees in parkland, inspired by English gardens. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 31 March 2014

Meeting in historic houses and charming hotels

Luxury location, villas, castles for meeting, events and conferences

Historic hotel, sec.XVIII Campobasso

La Piana dei Mulini, è una dimora storica che si estende per 80mt lineari come un piccolo borgo, edificata alla fine del 1700 interamente in pietra, era una volta adibita a mulino ad acqua, centro per la colorazione delle lane e centrale idroelettrica. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 20 March 2014

Medieval castle, sec.XIII Rome

Hidden within uncontaminated woods, lit by the warm light of the Roman countryside,Torre in Pietra is a splendid architectural complex, an open book that tells of centuries of the history of ancient and noble families and famous artists, a truly special place where to hold weddings, events, gala evenings, concerts, meetings, exhibitions, or just go for a guided tour. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 22 April 2014

Luxury villa, sec.XIX Rome

La Porta del Principe presents itself as the "new location" for exclusive corporate events and reserved for only a few minutes from Fiumicino Airport and adjacent to the new Fiera di Roma. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 25 February 2014