We certify the Quality of historical luxury hotels and boutique hotels

Over 50,000 Quality Controls each year to select only the finest historic houses in Italy

Since 1999 we certify the Quality of the historical luxury hotels

Over the last 16 years we protected the high quality tourism in Italy certifying standards of excellence of the historic houses and the historical luxury hotels.

With an extremely rigorous testing protocol, each year only 20% of historic houses candidate failing to pass our stringent quality control filters, necessary to obtain the Certificate of Quality.

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Only the best castles and luxury villas for vacation and wedding

The Certificate of Quality is issued and periodically renewed only to the finest Italian historic houses.

Guests looking for prestigious castles, luxury villas and locations of high historical value, elegant and charming interiors, high reception Standards, exclusive reliability and excellence services, only choose historical houses that obtained the Certificate of Quality.

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Umbria, Perugia

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Umbria, Perugia

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Umbria, Perugia
Umbria, Perugia

Umbria, Perugia
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Accommodations in boutique hotels, castle, historic house

Luxury castle, medieval towers, historical residences for travel, holiday, vacation

Luxury villa, sec.XVIII Fermo

A long time ago this message was carved on the threshold of this spectacular villa. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 24 December 2014

Castle, sec.XI Parma

Surrounded by greenery amidst the hills breathtaking landscape shaping the border between the Provinces of Parma and Piacenza, just few minutes away from the Thermal Spa town of Salsomaggiore Terme, in the Emilia Romagna region, the Castle of Scipione from the Marquises Pallavicino is situated inside of an evocative medieval hamlet. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 11 August 2015

Historic hotel, sec.XIII L'Aquila

The Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito has been impeccably restored, retaining all the splendours of its past in order to capture the authentic mood and the essence for which it was conceived. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 28 July 2015

Weddings in luxury locations

Weddings and events in castles, luxury villas and historic houses

Historic house, sec.XVIII Rome

A paradise 'fingertips', ideal for events and banquets in amazing scenery. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 30 April 2015

Ancient palace, sec.XVII Lucca

The construction of Palazzo Pfanner dates back to 1660. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 6 May 2015

Historic hotel, sec.XVIII Como

Villa Monastero in the old times was a roman site, then a convent of the SS. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 19 January 2015

Meeting in historic houses and charming hotels

Luxury location, villas, castles for meeting, events and conferences

Castle, sec.XII Rome

Located only 20 minutes from the heart of the Eternal City, Castello della Castelluccia boasts a truly unrivalled location. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 13 May 2015

Historic hotel, sec.XVI Lecco

Casts Villa is a beautiful sixteenth-century residence with frescoes of the early Renaissance Lombardo. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 24 June 2015

Country house, sec.XVIII Turin

In life there are special occasions that you remember forever: a wedding, a christening, an anniversary or any other event that marks a key step in our history. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 7 August 2015