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Since 1999 we certify the Quality of the historical luxury hotels

Over the last 17 years we protected the high quality tourism in Italy certifying standards of excellence of the historic houses and the historical luxury hotels.

With an extremely rigorous testing protocol, each year only 20% of historic houses candidate failing to pass our stringent quality control filters, necessary to obtain the Certificate of Quality.

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Only the best castles and luxury villas for vacation and wedding

The Certificate of Quality is issued and periodically renewed only to the finest Italian historic houses.

Guests looking for prestigious castles, luxury villas and locations of high historical value, elegant and charming interiors, high reception Standards, exclusive reliability and excellence services, only choose historical houses that obtained the Certificate of Quality.

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Umbria, Perugia

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Luxury castle, medieval towers, historical residences for travel, holiday, vacation

Medieval castle, sec.X Perugia

The ancient castle of Carpiano is among the hidden treasures of beautiful Umbria. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 8 August 2016

Medieval castle, sec.XIII Florence

The Resort is set in a restored historic hamlet with a 30. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 23 February 2016

Medieval castle, sec.XII Perugia

On the hills south-west of Gubbio upon an natural terrace stands Nikis Resort an ancient village dominating the Valley of D'Asssino dated 1137 composed of the Church and the main building with its tower and other buildings. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 17 October 2016

Weddings in luxury locations

Weddings and events in castles, luxury villas and historic houses

Luxury villa, sec.XVII Pisa

Gently located on top of the hill of Ulignano near Volterra, Villa di Ulignano is a beautiful villa from the 17th century that hosted many great people over the centuries. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 4 July 2016

Castle, sec.XIII Piacenza

The first news about the castle of Chiavenna Landi, date back to 1200, as evidenced by the quote in Registrum Magnum and some fine details such as corbels at the top on which it bases the rounds with the openings of the drains and the battlements to Ghibellina. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 4 July 2016

Medieval castle, sec.XI Parma

A charming hotel for a romantic getaway beetwen relax and nature. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 10 May 2016

Meeting in historic houses and charming hotels

Luxury location, villas, castles for meeting, events and conferences

Historic hotel, sec.XVIII Milan

No text or narration can describe this place but only the whirlwind of emotions that are gathered by living it: old trees that create areas of shadow and light and the cool breeze scented by the infinite essence of its flowers a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 12 June 2016

Luxury villa, sec.XVI Padova

This splendid Palladian style villa, built in the first half of the 16th century, was enlarged, entirely decorated and furbished in the 18th Century, and is still lived by the Noble Venetian family of Marcello. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 23 September 2016

Historic hotel, sec.XIX Pavia

Cultural and commercial events, weddings and cerimonies. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 29 February 2016