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Since 1999 we certify the Quality of the historical luxury hotels

Over the last 17 years we protected the high quality tourism in Italy certifying standards of excellence of the historic houses and the historical luxury hotels.

With an extremely rigorous testing protocol, each year only 20% of historic houses candidate failing to pass our stringent quality control filters, necessary to obtain the Certificate of Quality.

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Only the best castles and luxury villas for vacation and wedding

The Certificate of Quality is issued and periodically renewed only to the finest Italian historic houses.

Guests looking for prestigious castles, luxury villas and locations of high historical value, elegant and charming interiors, high reception Standards, exclusive reliability and excellence services, only choose historical houses that obtained the Certificate of Quality.

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Castle, sec.XII Rome

Regal and unruffled, Castello Della Castelluccia, survived to the past while preserving intact all the mystery and magic of a legendary millennium. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 24 May 2016

Historic house, sec.XV Livorno

Torre Mozza, 8 suites overlooking the sea .. A luxurious historic residence that overlooks the sea, will be your home special, where atmosphere and your memories will remain forever. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 25 November 2016

Luxury resort, sec.XV Perugia

The Murlo Estate takes its name from the Murlo Castle which dates back to the XIII Century. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 8 July 2016

Weddings in luxury locations

Weddings and events in castles, luxury villas and historic houses

Historic hotel, sec.XIX Trento

Villa di Campo is a Charme villa tucked away in four hectares of wonderful parkland. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 30 December 2016

Luxury villa, sec.XVII Milan

By the end of the 16th century, Busto Garolfo was already a residential area for the well-cultured merchant nobility to whom we owe the construction of the aristocratic villas that still distinguish the town centre. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 1 December 2016

Castle, sec.XVII Pavia

The Torrazzetta Castle placed in the beautiful hills of Borgo Priolo in the Pavia province between Casteggio and Voghera, and is easily accessible thanks to its perfectly restored rooms and beautiful park is the perfect place to host ceremonies and weddings in an enchanting and mystical atmosphere unique and full of peace and quiet charm. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 23 November 2016

Meeting in historic houses and charming hotels

Luxury location, villas, castles for meeting, events and conferences

Luxury villa, sec.XVIII Milan

Villa Borromeo ha il fascino e il prestigio di una delle più belle ville neoclassiche del Settecento lombardo, dichiarata monumento nazionale, realizzata dal Piermarini. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 13 September 2016

Historic hotel, sec.XIX Rome

Its History: Casina dominates Rome, Colli Albani and the wonderful back-drop of the Monti Lucretili. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 27 July 2016

Country house, sec.XVII Turin

A unique location on the outskirts of Turin, ideal to celebrate your every occasion. [...]

Quality Certification

latest release: 8 September 2016