If you are looking for a place full of authenticity and with the scent of aromatic herbs, Abbazia dei Sette Frati is ready to welcome you.
It is a former Benedictine Abbey of the XII century, the country residence of Cardinal Fulvio Della Corgna, bishop of Perugia in the second half of the sixteenth century, who had it frescoed with grotesque motifs.
Inside, with the Fratres farmhouse, a magical world opens up to your eyes. From the frescoed halls, arcades and cloister, allegorical figures, biblical scenes, animals, flowers, angels and fantastic figures still have stories to tell, brightening your stay, all with a style that simply combines the art of the place with the art of nature.
In addition to its beauty, this gives us authentic aromas in the officinal garden full of aromatic herbs, fruits and ancient roses which, together with the soaps made with the oil of our oil mill, contribute to pampering those who pass by in these parts. Always in the garden there are corners equipped with tables and chairs to be able to stop, eat or relax among the medicinal herbs and their perfumes.