A beautiful village surrounded by silent woods is nestled in a rocky spur that plunges into a salt water pool, skimming over the valley. Borgo di Carpiano is the place where the Umbrian languid and dreamy landscapes and the evocative magic of an ancient medieval castrum meet.
Its story dates back to the X century, when Rovaldo Baldassini, St. Ubaldo’s father and protector of the town of Gubbio, built Castrum Carpiani. Later on, during the XVII century, a little church was annexed to this structure. Nowadays the entire complex is called Borgo di Carpiano. It is an extraordinary refuge for anyone who wants to enjoy the stillness and the beauty of this little piece of heaven, which is a few steps away from Gubbio.
The Borgo is surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and luxuriant woods that dominate an uncontaminated valley, where the languid and slow Ventia stream slots in. [show more...]