The hamlet of Borgo I Vicelli is deeply rooted in the life of Florence and its surrounding territory.
The first historical mention of its structure dates back to the 1500s in relation to the Fattoria of San Donato (a local farm) which belonged to the ancient Spedale Degl'Innocenti of Florence. A small village situated around an ancient and accommodating country villa.he hamlet was originally constructed for agricultural purposes with an olive grove, a mill for the production of olive oil, and a surrounding reserve. Yet with the passage of time, its farming activities and buildings were abandoned. Now, thanks to the dedication and hard work of its current owners, the borgo has been restored to its ancient splendor for guest hospitality and the organization of events, in full respect of its historical origins. I Vicelli presents itself as a quaint village of times past, consisting of three rural buildings: the hayloft, the barn and the farmhouse. [show more...]