Elegant and sophisticated XVIIIth century house, overlooking Roero and Langhe hills.
We renovated it with great care and love, respecting the original structure, reusing and exploiting the original materials to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient houses of Piedmont nobility living close to Savoy castles. Now the old house revives as our home, in one wing, and as a Relais de Charme for our guests in the other. A Boutique Hotel, with the warm atmosphere of the Bed & Breakfast.
The thick, ancient walls offer you a pleasant coolness in summer and warmth in winter evenings, the large terraces a magnificent view over the hills, the greenhouse and the garden the relaxation of the countryside.
Inside, the frescos, all restored, provide a special charm to the rooms, lounges and bathrooms. In the floor we kept the traditional tiles used in old piedmont houses.
The large bathrooms, designed for relaxation, are decorated with either cast iron bath tube, English style, or large showers. On the wall, old prints, lamps.
All the furniture, either French or from Piedmont, is chosen to recreate the original atmosphere of the house. The bath towels and bed linens come, for a great part, from the closets of our grandmothers...