“You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person”. These words by the English writer Alec Waugh perfectly describe that feeling of wonder and astonishment before the impressive beauty of Castello di Limatola. This majestic castle of Norman origins, which proudly and severely dominates the entire valley of the Volturno river, gives anyone that crosses its threshold a series of suggestions and feelings that will always be engraved on their hearts. A charming and magical atmosphere surrounds the whole fortress, where time seems to be frozen, and any corner is full of history, art, and vibrating passions. Between its walls a sinful love blossomed: Charles I of Anjou fell in love with her cousin, the duchess of Limatola Margherita de Tucziaco. Also Garibaldi spent some time here: this event is proven by many documents kept in a wing of the castle that describe the Battle of Volturno occurred in 1860. [show more...]