“A noble and even impregnable Castle”. In 1463, with these words, Pope Pius II described Castello di Proceno in his Commentarii. It is one of the most important medieval monuments of Tuscia, in the province of Viterbo. This majestic castle is nestled on a steep volcanic rock spur; it was built in 997 according to Pope Gregory V’s will, to protect the large land between Lazio and Tuscany. Surrounded by a harmonious symphony of wooded hills, tuff plateaus, and barren Tuscan ravines that intersect with the old Via Francigena, Castello di Proceno, over the centuries, has hosted famous exponents of Church and Empire. Since 1644, its name has been related to the Cecchini family, called Bisoni-Cecchini now, who have been its owners and dealt with the meticulous and complex restoration. A long and detailed work that has given the Castle its original splendour and turned it into an exclusive and refined dispersed hotel, in full compliance with its millenary history. [show more...]