Nicknamed "the dying city," Civita di Bagnoregio is a magical, surreal, and downright amazing place. Clinging to the top of a tuff hill and accessible only via a narrow, striking walkway bridge overlooking one of the most breathtaking panoramas in Lazio, this ancient village is arguably one of the most fascinating and picturesque in our country. Just a few kilometers from here stands yet another great little treasure: Castello San Michele. Pietro di Mugnano built this stunning historic house in 1164, and it acquired its original name Castel di Piero from him. It was owned by the descendants of the Baglioni family of Perugia, who possessed it until 1600 when it was sold first to the Benedetti family of Spoleto and then to the Prince of Montholon, a loyal friend and supporter of Napoleon. Over the years, women from the families who lived there, such as Baglioni, Medici, Farnese, and Colonna, finely decorated it, thus transforming it from a manor house into a distinguished residence where the most influential personalities of the time have stayed over the years. At present, this exclusive historical residence, recently renovated, welcomes all guests who are eager to be captivated by its charm and surprised by hidden doors and secret corridors. Surrounded by ancient walls and towers, the Castello, which overlooks the quiet little square of San Michele in Teverina, boasts a unique vantage point on a promontory, offering a dramatic vista of the Valle dei Calanchi National Park and Civitella di Bagnoregio. Stepping across its threshold, guests are caught in a time machine, which reveals unaltered all the prestige, strength, and charm of its six hundred years of history. Guests can benefit from the luxury rooms and the Principe di Montholon suite, all of which feature private living rooms, rooms for relaxation and recreation, and private bathrooms. All spaces are furnished in perfect and authentic Renaissance style and are decorated with fine antique furniture and original elegantly frescoed ceilings. Overlooking the courtyard of the Castello are the independent apartments with a swimming pool and garden, which were once the annexes of the court and now boast all the modern amenities to offer guests an intimate and relaxing stay. Many services will make your stay an unforgettable and unique experience: from excursions in the beautiful Valle dei Calanchi to cycling or horseback riding, from tailored yoga sessions to food and wine tastings involving the local population and associations. The Castello is part of the sustainable tourism project called "Il Borgo Diffuso di San Michele," which strives to promote the local economy by leveraging tourism and redevelopment of the area. Visitors can book the castle as an exclusive option to fully enjoy every nook and cranny and its intrinsic beauty. All this with an exclusive dedicated chef and staff at their disposal. Finally, it should be noted that this stunning period residence enjoys a strategic position. Conveniently connected to Rome, from which it is only an hour and a half drive away, it is the perfect place to visit the many highlights of this piece of Italy such as Lake Bolsena, the beaches of Tarquinia, the thermal area of Viterbo and much more.