A fabulous castle on the sea shore, the sweet sound of the lapping waves that slowly rock the Hellenic feet of Taormina. In the distance, you can admire the evocative fire glows, regurgitated by the majestic and severe Mount Etna. A earthly paradise that shows the shapes, fragrances, and colours of Castello San Marco. This lovely historic house, which dates back to the XVII century, is a unique and magical place, that freezes time and gives emotions at first sight. Here, a simple stay becomes an unforgettable experience that will always be engraved on your heart.
Surrounded by a spectacular old park, full of Mediterranean essences and trees, like lemons, oranges, olive trees, and palms coming from three different continents, Castello San Marco is the only possible destination if you want to spend a dream-like holiday in the name of beauty, relaxation, delicious cuisine, and a warm hospitality that does not leave anything to chance. [show more...]