A triumph of beauty, cradled by a swing of soft curves and adorned with a symphony of iridescent colours and waving harmonies, which vividly and majestically resound like an angelic ode to joy, to inner peace and slowness, a devoted maid of living art. Crossing Val d’Orcia is like entering an Impressionism painting: with its lovely lunar hills, covered with gold, olive trees and vineyards, the white cypress-lined paths, the scattered rural houses and the little churches that stand out against the horizon. And all around a wild and sublime nature, which kindly matches the charming pride of the desert Crete Senesi.
Nestled in the middle of this earthly paradise, Dimora Buonriposo once hosted the wayfarer and pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena towards Rome. Nowadays, this old convent, built in 1560, which over time has been a post station first and a farm later, hosts the twenty-first century travellers and is the ideal destination for anyone that not only wants to admire the spectacular Tuscan beauties, but rather wants to experience them to the fullest and be part of them, embracing the same aesthetic sense, which once belonged to the people of Orcia, where any vegetable garden, land or vineyard is like a real garden. Living in this place does not merely mean staying in a beautiful place, but rather living in symbiosis with the deepest sense of nature. Here you can experience a high and different dimension, characterized by the silence that blends with the sound of wind between the cypresses and an intrinsic beauty, beaten by the time that flows and does not pass. A suspended dimension that feeds on Mother Earth’s natural cycle.
Dimora Buonriposo, restored and kept in its original style, with stone walls and typical Sienese floors, offers to its guests six different wonderful rooms, equipped with private bathrooms. There is an original portico with a view of the valley and a spectacular 30-degrees swimming pool, which is totally surrounded by a huge English garden, and a relaxing 38 degrees hydro-massage bathtub, with a breath-taking view of the hills all around. Everything is surrounded by an iridescent and composite scenography that includes the area between the River Orcia and Mount Amiata, characterized by luxuriant forests, cultivated hills and the typical badlands and biancane. Everything in Dimora Buonriposo is adorned with beauty, nature and ancient atmosphere, which is characterized by the old taste of authentic, generous and careful hospitality. In this hearty place, any guest represents an exchange of ideas, opinions, culture, shared wellness and, above all, smiles destined for friendship.