L'Hotel in Pietra is located in the Sassi of Matera (Sasso Barisano). It is a boutique hotel, thanks to its exclusiveness, its refinement and the atmosphere of intimacy that shines through each corner. The 7 rooms and 2 suites,different from each other, are dug in the rock and integrate harmoniously to the hotel common spaces: reading room, with cellar made out of an ancient cistern and the large hall, in a XII century church. The hotel opened on January 2008. The three-year renovation was attentively directed by the architects Giuseppe and Michele Andrisani who carefully preserved its originality and by Cristina Bergamini, interior designer, who took care of the style, with a detailed choose of furnishings, giving the hotel its own personality and uniqueness. The rooms emphasise the atmosphere of exquisite welcome: each is different from the other and is enriched by a touch of fantasy.