Close to the romantic shores of Lake Trasimeno, nestled between the green of the sweet Umbrian countryside, stands a splendid and sumptuous Villa of the late nineteenth century with a mysterious and sibylline name, which evokes distant times and leads us to imagine tormented love stories happening within its walls: I Capricci di Merion.
The story tells that the name of this evocative prestigious dwelling is dedicated to Lady Merion, a noblewoman who, on a whim, asked her lover, the Baron of Rondo, to build this Villa. Lady Merion, who loved art and divinely played the harp, wanted a concrete proof of love from her beloved Baron. He satisfied her whim and therefore this wonderful Art Nouveau Villa was born, becoming nowadays a real oasis of relaxation and magic, which offers its guests its magical atmospheres, well-kept rooms and a great attention to small details.
In the few but very precious rooms, you can breathe all the art that was so dear to Lady Merion: from painting to poetry, from music to literature. Each of the 9 rooms bears the name of a historical character who has made great the era in which she lived, and each one of them is able to transmit sensations of other times to the guests, also thanks to a striking starry sky that illuminates every night with a unique shade of magic.
Outside lies an immense and well-kept park populated by lush olive groves and rich fruit trees, cultivated with love by the farm inside the Villa. Lying in the shade of these trees or on the soft and fresh grass of the garden, it will not be difficult to make an imaginary leap in the nineteenth century and relive the same intense sensations experienced in these places by Lady Merion and the beloved Baron of Rondo.
A special note should be reserved for the outdoor swimming pool enriched by a splendid hydromassage corner on two levels. The tranquility of the park that surrounds it is gently accompanied by the sound of water that, with a relaxing waterfall, passes from one floor to another of the pool.
Inside the spa, on the other hand, you can relax in the chromotherapy hydromassage mini-pool or in the starlit sky sauna. Or you can abandon yourself in the emotional aromatherapy shower or taste a warm and healthy herbal tea in a space fully dedicated to infusions. All of this in a warm atmosphere surrounded by the notes of a soothing and relaxing music. Details which will make your stay at the Villa even more unforgettable and exclusive.
The convivial rooms are instead dedicated to the sense of taste, thanks to a well-prepared cuisine rich in local tradition, which guests can enjoy in a private and intimate environment, magically enlivened by the delicate sound of the harp played live. Meanwhile, the cellar offers carefully selected nectars among the best labels of the Umbrian and national wine scene.