Dames, knights, arms, love... a few words from Orlando furioso, and it's immediately the Middle Ages. An age too often considered dark, uncertain, or merely transitional between the splendor of the classical period and that of the Renaissance. Yet the Middle Ages is so much more, and because of its kaleidoscopic nature, it stands as one of the fascinating historical periods. To fully experience it, you don't have to ride the time machine: just stay at La Confrerie du Moyen Age, a stunning and unique historic residence set among the majestic peaks of the Aosta Valley. This astonishing fine residence is an old alpine home restored to life thanks to a long and accurate restoration effort strongly desired by the Bessone family, the hereditary descendants, who literally fell in love with it and so decided to make it a timeless location. Better yet, completely enveloped in an irresistible and incredibly authentic medieval atmosphere. Lovers of medieval Valdostan architecture, ancient art object researchers, and antiquarians for two generations, the Bessone family is devoted to restoring paintings, wooden sculptures, and polychrome lacquered and gilded works. A love, that of the Middle Ages, which has romantically come to reality at La Confrerie du Moyen Age itself. Uneven floors and antique wooden beams make this place unique. Each room is different and offers an intimate setting, designed down to every detail. The cross is the recurring symbol of this beautiful fine estate. From the entire structure's perimeter to the countless crosses that can be found attached to doors, engraved on stone pillars, painted on the wall, or made of wrought iron and fitted on the chimney. A peculiarity that endows the place with a sense of mysticism worthy of an ancient monastery. A spirituality that, moreover, is borrowed from its very name: La Confrerie du Moyen Age, that is, the Brotherhood of the Middle Ages. Guests can choose from the six rooms offered by this facility. Intimate and carefully designed in the smallest detail, brimming with charm and medieval appeal. A result achieved thanks to an extensive study of late medieval iconography depicted on ancient texts, engravings, and paintings, representing domestic environments or settings with religious characters. Rooms feature antique wood ceilings with exposed beams, floors made from old hand-sawn conifer planks, lime-plastered masonry, boiserie walls, small windows with time-worn wood interior shutters, grilles, and diamond-worked glass, but also antique furnishings, paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. A true haven of peace and calm, but above all, definitely beyond time and space. A space - the outdoors - which is impossible not to fall in love with. The facility is located in Grand Villa, a charming village in the municipality of Verrayes, in the province of Aosta, at an altitude of about 1,500 meters. A slow-paced town where a sense of community still exists. Just to say, bread is baked in an oven shared by families in the village. All around are the thick, lush forests typical of the Aosta Valley landscape, alternating with flat meadows abounding with spontaneous Mediterranean vegetation, born thanks to a particularly favorable microclimate. In winter, these paths become smooth cross-country trails connecting to the ski resort of Torgnon. Moreover, you cannot fail to get lost in the majestic beauty of La becca d'Aver (2,500 m.) and the Longhede peak, summits that can easily be climbed from here and from which you can enjoy a dreamlike view, which virtually embraces almost all the Aosta Valley peaks and 54 municipalities. In short, paradise is everything here.