A little big gem set in the heart of the charming and bewitching desert of the Crete Senesi. Laticastelli, an ancient medieval village transformed into a high level Country Relais where you can immerse yourself in the magic and dazzling beauty of the Tuscan countryside breathing all the charm of its fascinating history is all this and much more. Originally, in fact, Laticastelli was a fortress built to defend the city of Siena. It was in the 12th century, at the peak of the infamous and bloody war between the Florentines and Sienese, which saw the latter very often victorious. After many battles, however, Siena was ultimately defeated by the Florentines, who in revenge razed to the ground all the strongholds that defended the enemy city. Among them was also Laticastelli, which was rebuilt centuries later as a farm with vineyards, oil mills, olive groves and cultivated fields that formed an estate of about a thousand hectares that gradually became a small but delightful village. [show more...]