Booking a room at Palazzo Feroci means entering the heart of the city and discovering its history.
The origins of the Palace date back to '500, when Cosimo I de 'Medici, the first Grand Duke of Tuscany, established in Pisa The Sacred Military Order of the Knights of St. Stephen, where Piazza dei Cavalieri became the center of the Medici Pisa and Palazzo Feroci, at the time divided into two "tower houses", home of Taù, faithful men of the Order of Santo Stefano.
The current renovation work, which began in January 2021, maintains the original features of the Palace; in some rooms there are, in fact, interesting elements of furniture, such as majolica and terracotta stoves and, in the apartment on the top floor, the typical altana, a covered terrace raised above the rooftops, available to guests to admire the beauty of the city from above.
Our spacious and elegant rooms have an unmistakable style: each one is different and has a refined character, with warm and welcoming colors. Refined details help to make them unique, such as the original terracotta floor of the 800, the tiles with geometric patterns and the precious frescoes that adorn walls and ceilings; modern details, such as our beautiful wallpaper that you will find in the bathrooms, give the rooms a unique and unforgettable charm.