Built in the early decades of the 17th century on the area once occupied by the Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo Leti is a splendid period residence located in the historic center of Spoleto, near the Duomo del Ponte delle Torri: its origin seems to date back to 1292, when the first medieval city walls were erected.
Subsequently, the Palazzo underwent various changes and then became, between the 15th and 16th centuries, the current aristocratic residence. In 1500 the property was acquired by the Leti family, from which it takes its name, who lived there for three hundred years while, during the 17th and 18th centuries, it was transformed with the construction of the north part and the creation of the beautiful hanging garden on which the two facades of clear neoclassical style were built.
The enchantment of Palazzo Leti can be perceived from the outside portal, elegantly carved, which opens onto the stone blocks that cover the ground floor, probably remains of the demolished Palazzo del Podestà. The main floor still preserves, inside, the precious wooden ceilings and the ballroom, frescoed and painted in its entirety.
The building is currently one of the venues of the Vini nel Mondo event and during the Festival dei Due Mondi it hosts temporary exhibitions by internationally renowned artists in its sumptuous rooms.
At Palazzo Leti the atmosphere is suspended in time, suffused with the noble aura of life lived in distant times within these splendid walls. In the historic residence, unique of its kind, the charming hotel has twelve rooms, each characterized by itself but united by fine furniture and fabrics and organze in soft pastel colors, all with views of Spoleto, the "Rocca Albornoziana" and the "Monteluco", sacred mountain of the Spoletina valley, an oasis of peace immersed in the green that still offers the tranquility and harmony so appreciated by the hermits who lived there.
The residence is surrounded by a splendid Italian garden dotted with marble fragments from various periods with an enchanting view of the valley and architectural elements that trace its sinuous and elegant lines.
Added to the beauty of the mansion are the wonders of the hotel's hospitality: for guests' breakfast, there are delicious homemade cakes, served in the dedicated room or in the enchanting patio, with silver cutlery, linen tablecloths and hand-decorated porcelain. It is then possible to explore the surroundings by mountain bike, visit the historic center of Spoleto and, depending on the period of stay, participate in the many activities that range from art to gastronomy and distinguish the territory, with the sweet certainty of returning "home", wrapped in the timeless elegance of Palazzo Leti.