Immersed in the enchantment of the Tuscan countryside, in the small hamlet of San Pancrazio, perched on a hill overlooking the magnificent Valdambra, Palazzo Tiglio dominates with its clear and aristocratic lines the small village that once belonged to the Ubertini family of Arezzo before passing under the aegis of the Marquisate of Bucine and the Grand Duchy of Florence.
The current residence was built in the 17th century on medieval foundations, and over time it has undergone numerous renovations: during the restoration of the ancient cellars, a medieval well and ancient grain deposits, presumably of Roman origin, were found carved into the rock. The location of the residence marks the historically significant crossing of the Strada dei Procacci, a pilgrimage and commercial route that once connected the upper Arno valley with the southern part of the Via Lauretana towards Rome.
Palazzo Tiglio has belonged to many illustrious families over the centuries, the last of which was the noble Scodellini family. Today, carefully restored by the new owners, the Palazzo, decorated with antique furniture, antiques and works of art, boasts the family management of John Werich.
The prestigious lodgings of the residence have been restored to their original splendor with care and attention, respecting their characteristic zeitgeist with a touch of absolute modernity. The apartments of Palazzo Tiglio, each of which can accommodate up to six people, are characterized by 18th century open fireplaces, antique dining tables and sumptuous sofas in an atmosphere of refined familiarity, while during the winter season it is also possible to book elegant double rooms.
Next to the palace, a wonderful fenced rose garden is offered for the exclusive use of guests, and includes sitting areas, sunbeds and a swimming pool, to experience the enchantment of the sea in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, in an ideal place to dedicate oneself to explorations and discoveries.
To complete an exclusive experience, the refined gourmet choices that blend sea and mountains with exquisite, high quality food from all over the region, accompanied by a superb wine list. The restaurant also has two dining rooms enriched with works of art and a wonderful panoramic terrace with an incomparable view of the valley.
Living the life of a Tuscan noble is a desire that becomes reality in the beauty of Palazzo Tiglio, because it represents everything that Tuscan dreams are made of, beyond all imagination.