A splendid palace in the center of Lucca describes the elegance of the city, enclosing within its aristocratic walls a fascinating story: that of Giuseppe Tucci, ancestor of the current owners, who decided to renovate the house where the family had lived for more than two centuries in the mid-eighteenth century, on the occasion of his marriage to Maria Teresa Guinigi. There is no trace of the pre-existing medieval building, but the lack of plaster on the rear facade allows us to read its original structure. A beautiful decorated terracotta arch, visible in the internal courtyard, proves the importance that the residence had even originally. The task of adapting the Palazzo to the new architectural criteria was entrusted to the architect Ottaviano Diodati, who in those years was the best interpreter of the most up-to-date and innovative developments in architecture in Italy, Tuscany, and abroad, in France and Vienna: in fact, Palazzo Tucci is among the few historic buildings in the city to have hidden, at least in the main facade, medieval and Renaissance vestiges of clear Viennese derivation.
The historic residence stands inside the Roman city walls, and has the main entrance on via Cesare Battisti. The large access portal is surmounted by the family coat of arms and a commemorative inscription, and on the rear facade a plaque recalls that the musician Alfredo Catalani was born in the palace.
Inside, a sumptuous entrance leads to the state apartment, decorated with gilded stuccoes and embellished with paintings from the late eighteenth century, while in other areas of the residence the works evolve with neoclassical themes, proving the continuous evolution of the pictorial expressions that distinguish the mansion. In the main hall, the ceiling features a splendid fresco depicting Flora and the Four Seasons. On the walls on either side of the entrance door two large canvases are placed in stucco frames, while other canvases are above each of the doors that open onto the hall. The subjects of all the paintings are derived from mythology and classical history, and seem to be attributable to the Lucca painter Giovan Domenico Paladini.
At guests' disposal, apartments, rooms and suites, whose names are a tribute to the works of Alfredo Catalani, characterized by splendid terracotta floors, marvelous frescoed ceilings, furnished with precious eighteenth-century furniture and imbued with the noble aura of the most beautiful residences of the time. Around, the splendor of Lucca and Tuscany, while Palazzo Tucci can become the enchanting setting not only for a wonderful holiday, but also for events, ceremonies and parties to feel like protagonists forever and ever in a triumph of luxury and beauty.