In the heart of the city of Gallipoli , just 700 meters from the historic center, where the past meets the dynamism of the present, in an aristocratic building located on the main Corso Rome, lies the Relais Charles V.
Love for our land, comes the desire to welcome people from all over the world, to discover our wonderland. Make your holiday unique and unforgettable experience is our must.
Every morning, good morning you will be given with classic hospitality of Salento. The breakfast buffet includes pasticciotti and fruttoni Lecce cream and jam, cakes, donuts, pies, homemade bread from durum wheat, on which spreads jams, honey, and more, all to be consumed in the magnificent hall, enjoying the view of the frescoes on the ceiling. Upon returning from the sea or from the excursions you can enjoy a cool drink, in the reflections of the sunset red gold.
A few meters from us you will find a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes and a long sequence of interesting shops.

We look forward to cool off from the stress of everyday life, offering a relaxing and at the same time entertaining and culturally stimulating . To give you the opportunity to taste the flavors and smells in our more typical Salento and let you experience the full meaning of our historic hospitality.