A love den set in the beating heart of Italy.
This is the essence of Relais Castelluccio Palusse, an exclusive noble residence immersed in the marvelous setting of the gentle hills that embrace Città della Pieve. A compelling story, that of Castelluccio Palusse, made of love, passion, infidelity and that intertwines with the private life events of the Savoy family.
Castelluccio Palusse was built at the end of the nineteenth century by the will of Vittoria Guerrieri, the daughter that Vittorio Emanuele II had from the tumultuous and intense relationship that the King of Italy had with his historical lover Rosa Vercellana, known by all as the Bela Rosin.
Vittoria, who by the will of her father had married the Marquis Filippo Spinola, in 1885 fled near Città della Pieve with her lover Paolo De Simone, 12 years younger. [show more...]