In Italy, you can find many historical, artistic, and cultural works of art which are very far from the twinkling and pompous splendour of classicism. Big little hidden secrets, which are so tenderly blurred and rarefied that seem an old black and white film from the Twenties. Places characterized by a very good taste, with their natural beauty they can make us live in total harmony with the world. They are heavenly places that bring us into a dream-like dimension and delight our senses. One of these places is Santo Stefano di Sessanio, an old stone hamlet between the majestic peaks of Gran Sasso. It is a place full of charm and history that used to be deserted. It is reborn thanks to Daniele Kihlgren, an Italian-Swedish entrepreneur, who literally fell in love with this magical place and turned it into Sextantio, an exclusive and high-level hotel. However, he has preserved the local environment and culture, and realized a conservative restoration which does not disdain imperfections. [show more...]