They say that olive trees walk. Their roots slowly grasp the bowels of Mother Earth, while their shining foliage towers over the sky. They go through time and seasons, the winter freezing wind and the August scorching sun. But these good giants conform to the environment. And the more they age, the more they get deformed, knotted, and empty, and give life to real works of art. This kind of poetry surrounds Tenuta Monacelli, a wonderful historic house nestled in the heart of Salento. This place is surrounded by 320 hectares of olive trees, and was built out from the seventeenth-century Masseria Monacelli and Masseria Giampaolo, which dates back to the 15th century. They both preserve a precious underground olive-press, storage cells for olives, and the peasants’ shelters. This place highlights the importance and richness of the entire farmhouse complex during the past. [show more...]