Border site. This is the meaning of botonta, an ancient word that gives its name to a historic residence of unparalleled charm and magic. And indeed the Tower of Botonta is located right on the border. A physical border between Trevi and Spoleto. And metaphorical: between the Middle Ages and 2000, between dream and reality, between immanence and transcendence. Because if on the one hand, through the welcoming model of the albergo diffuso, Torre della Botonta invites to the merry sharing of life, on the other hand it is a place that evokes introspection, calm and silence thanks to its infinite, kaleidoscopic suggestions.
The Torre is part of the splendid walls of Castel San Giovanni, a tiny fairytale village dating back to the fourteenth century located between Castel Ritaldi and Campello. Here history and nature, culture of wine and fine food, blend with contemporary design and antique furniture left to suggest the long work of time. [show more...]