Hospitality is a tradition in our family, which we are eager to continue and share with others.
We have therefore decided to open up our home to guests and to offer you the opportunity to reside in a castle, rich in history and legacy.
This ancient residence is perched on top of one of the many hills characterizin the Marche, it is surrounded by an Italian-style garden and a vast wood. The views are truly charming, they extend over the Cesano valley, stretching from the Appennines to the Adriatic sea.
Here, in this noble castle, Prince Maximilian de Beauharnais, nephew of Napoleon the first, chose to spend his honeymoon after the celebration of his marriage to the daughter of Czar Alexander of Russia.
The inside of the palace was decorated, upon his order, for the important occasion.
The former cellars, built within the bastions of the castle, consisting of spacious galleries with vaulted ceilings, open up to the garden. These refined and impressive surroundings have been restored to bring them back to their ancient beauty.
We look forward to welcoming you into the peaceful and authentic traditional atmosphere of the Marche country life