The Belle Epoque with a touch of Pop.
Villa Erre welcomes you for a unique stay where the present meets the past. Books, vinyls, paintings and frescoes. Classic authors and emerging authors in a villa of the mid-1800s decorated with frescoes and period mosaics. A 4-star B & B that offers three rooms, each with a themed bookcase. Room 1984 inspired by Orwell's "1984" dedicated to European and extra-European literature; Room 5, from Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five", is a suite designed for American literature's lovers and, finally, Room 49, which takes its name from "The first 49 stories" of Hemingway, entirely dedicated to short forms: stories and poems.
All rooms are extremely spacious, embellished with original stuccos, frescoes and parquet floors. All suites have a lounge, mini-bar and a large balcony overlooking the park and swimming pool, as well as a fantastic panorama that extends to Turin and the Basilica of Superga. [show more...]