Villa Erre is above all a house. A house where there are still traces of an old life, where dreams and ideas from the past fluctuate in the air, and where imagination spread its wings over pages and pages devoured with eyes and soul. Actually, Villa Erre is a wonderful nineteenth-century historic house, but, above all, it is the house of a brave businesswoman from Turin, who decided to bet on her own roots. In fact, Federica Rodella, after her degree in Philosophy and a diploma at Holden School, she decided to reopen her childhood nest: she deprived it of her memories and filled it with words, turning it into a refined and exclusive literary B&B. In fact, books are the real protagonists of this lovely prestigious residence nestled between the hills of Lanzo Valleys. There are more than one thousand books, which have been meticulously categorised depending on their genres: Italian, European, or American literature, short stories, poems, etc. They have been placed in the different common areas of the building and private rooms for any guest that wants to dive into a timeless atmosphere, and stay in a cosy and chic location, which is original and unique at the same time. The common areas are: the breakfast hall, which is adorned with a fantastic fresco dating back to the 19th century and dedicated to a series of Italian authors; the roaring-twenties poolroom, where a pool table towers over many books in their original languages; the sumptuous living room, which has hosted king Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, is full of music books and adorned with a spectacular eighteenth-century glass chandelier that comes from Murano.
Obviously, books play the role of protagonists also in the other three rooms: Room 1984, named after the famous novel written by Orwell and dedicated to European and international literature; Room 5, inspired by Slaughterhouse-Five of Vonnegut, is a suite dedicated to American-literature enthusiasts; Room 49, named after The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories written by Hemingway and dedicated to short literary genres: tales, notes, and poems. Every room is very spacious, adorned with original stuccos, frescos, and parquet. The suites consist of living room, fridge, and a big terrace, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view, which also includes Turin and the Basilica of Superga. Everything is adorned with elegant Belle-Époque furniture, and a refined and lively touch of Pop, at the same time.
The huge and elegant park, full of boxes, flowers, and a majestic Lebanon Cedar that is two hundred years old, is the perfect location to enjoy literature and just relax, surrounded by silence and natural stillness. A fifteen-square-metre pool and a tennis court make this location even more comfortable, not only for reading, but also organizing meetings and events. Villa Erre, where, thanks to the cultural club many creative courses and literary tour are organized, is a few kilometres away from two of the best Italian golf courses: “Royal Park - I Roveri” and “Circolo Golf Torino”. Moreover, there is also the wellness centre Ego Day Spa, which is part of the Villa. Therefore, it is the ideal place if you want to enjoy solitude or share a wonderful experience. Luxurious or bohemian: guest are free to define it. However, its peculiar trait is uniqueness!