There are places that can preserve every trace of their own past: fragrances, sounds, colours, flavours, stories… Places of the soul, where you can find yourself by caressing clouds full of emotions and sweet memories that gently skim your heart. One of these places is Ravello, “closer to the sky than the seashore”, as the Parisian writer, André Gide, said. It was precisely the setting of his novel L’Immoraliste. Located between the wings of this terrace with a view of the infinity, Villa Maria is the ideal place to experience a unique and unforgettable dream-like stay, which will always be engraved on your mind. This wonderful prestigious residence, which has been for long time the house of the noble Roman marquises De Cinque, offers its guests the possibility to enjoy the beauty, charm, harmony, and emotions of the landscape that enchanted Wagner, Greta Garbo, and an infinite number of artists, intellectuals, and statesmen.
Walking through the lovely gardens of the Villa, you can find the first big little jewel of this historic house: the cave with a rocky chapel, where a long time ago peasants used to pray during their breaks. The interiors of the building, which keeps the elegant shape of the noble palace, are full of details and shades that make the visitors revive the magic of the past. In every room, hall, staircase, and living room, you can admire the old marble floors, while in the bedrooms and bathrooms there are beautiful handmade majolicas realized by the artists of Vietri. The furniture is extremely refined and perfectly matches the style of the Villa; Art Nouveau and Art Deco characterize the beautiful Murano-glass chandeliers. Everything is accompanied by the modern comforts. Rooms are distinguished in various categories, from the Basic typology to the Suite, enriched by elegant furniture and by the spectacular sea view (or partial sea view) that can be contemplated from the terraces, French balconies or large windows.
The best of Villa Maria is its restaurant, which, like the hotel, was born with grandma Orsola in the kitchen. In the shadow of the very fragrant lime trees that majestically dominate the arbour outside, or in the interior hall, which is finely adorned according to the English style, the chefs of the restaurant today reinterpret the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, exalting the flavours and fragrances of the typical products from the Amalfi Coast. Any of the proposed dishes consists of ingredients coming from the rich vegetable garden of the Villa: three thousand square metres of terracing fields, that you can see from the street and visit if you are staying at the hotel. The products have a unique taste, thanks to the favourable exposure and the exclusive use of natural fertilizers.

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