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  • Villa Maria
    Luxury villa, sec.XX
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 32 km

    There are places that can preserve every trace of their own past: fragrances, sounds, colours, flavours, stories… Places of the soul, where you can find yourself by caressing ...

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  • Villa Rizzo Resort and spa
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 14 km

    Twelve hectares of olive and hazelnut groves, surrounded by the Monti Picentini, which majestically watch over the town of Salerno, not far from the beautiful landscapes of Amalfi and ...

  • Castello Medievale di Arechi
    Castle, sec.VIII
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 21 km

    The Italian poet Alfonso Gatto referred to Salerno, his native land, as an “eternal town”. A “town that rises up from the glance of the sea”, he said, and that, ...

  • Domus Laeta
    Historic hotel, sec.XVII
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 26 km

    Domus Laeta is an historical house. Many rooms are furnished with the original ancient furniture is a large dwelling place which still keeps the aura and charm of its past. Located in ...

  • Villa Eva
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 32 km

    Splendid villa in late liberty style, with a protracted harmonic outline has been redecorated with care and respect of the original style. Being exclusively utilized for events there ...

  • Castello Marchesale di Auletta
    Castle, sec.XIII
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 38 km

    During the last ten years Auletta's Castle most enchanting scenery has been used as the setting for the celebration of special occasions. The large number of unique rooms in the castle ...

Luxury locations for meeting Battipaglia

  • Castello Medievale di Arechi
    Castle, sec.VIII
    Salerno - from Battipaglia about 21 km

    The medieval castle of Arechi, historic symbol of the city of Salerno, in the collective imagination of the citizens is the same as a cultural stronghold in the province, so that in ...


Only 1 in 100 obtains this Seal

A higher-level certification reserved to higher-level historic residences: 100 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases, 3 months of evaluation. To date, only 108 historic residences out 7838 candidates have got the title of "Historic House of Excellence" and have entered by right the collection of the best Italian historic houses.

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