Art hotels Frontone

  • Nikis Resort

    Medieval castle, sec.XII - Perugia

    Set on a natural terrace that dominates the luxuriant valley of Assino between Gubbio and Umbertide, Niki’s Resort is a small village of 1137, consisting of an ancient church, ... continua

    Distance from Frontone: circa 34 km


    Seal of Excellence
    latest release: 25 March 2019

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Historic houses for holiday Frontone

  • Il Casale del Duca
    Country house, sec.XVI
    Pesaro Urbino - from Frontone about 31 km

    In the historic heart of the Marche, 5 km from Urbino, 20 Km from the sea, not far from towns rich in art and history, on a hill overlooking is located Cal'Duca. This Charming Country ...

  • Borgo di Carpiano
    Medieval castle, sec.X
    Perugia - from Frontone about 33 km

    A beautiful village surrounded by silent woods is nestled in a rocky spur that plunges into a salt water pool, skimming over the valley. Borgo di Carpiano is the place where the Umbrian ...

  • Castello di Monterado
    Castle, sec.XVIII
    Ancona - from Frontone about 36 km

    Hospitality is a tradition in our family, which we are eager to continue and share with others. We have therefore decided to open up our home to guests and to offer you the opportunity ...

  • Locanda della Cavalleria - Palazzo Augusti
    Historic hotel, sec.XVII
    Ancona - from Frontone about 37 km

    La Locanda della Cavalleria is part of the Palazzo delle Cento Finestre, a historic complex dating back to the 1700s, in Brugnetto Tre Castelli, 10 minutes by car from the center of ...

Luxury locations for wedding Frontone

  • Abbazia San Faustino
    Abbey and monastery, sec.XIII
    Perugia - from Frontone about 24 km

    Benedictine Abbey of the thirteenth century. Sixteen suites for a total of 53 beds. Restaurant with 130 seats. Church desecrated suitable for meetings for up to 80 people. Structure ...

  • Nikis Resort
    Historic hotel, sec.XII
    Perugia - from Frontone about 34 km

    On the hills south-west of Nikis Resort Gubbio is an ancient hamlet of 1137 situated on a natural terrace overlooking the valley dell'Assino. The Resort consists of an old church, with ...

  • Castello di Monterado
    Castle, sec.XVIII
    Ancona - from Frontone about 36 km

    Il Castello di Monterado stands on the top of a typical hillock of Le Marche, surrounded by the coloured flowers of a big Italian garden and a wood of centuries-old trees. You can experience ...

  • Monastero San Biagio
    Historic hotel, sec.XI
    Perugia - from Frontone about 40 km

    Luxuriant forests, beautiful plateau full of water springs, sleepy fields, and traces of a past full of charm, art, and transcendence. This is the scenario that surrounds the majestic ...

Luxury locations for meeting Frontone

  • Monastero San Biagio
    Historic hotel, sec.XI
    Perugia - from Frontone about 40 km

    Indulge in true luxury to pull the plug, finding the perfect place. The ancient Monastery of San Biagio is a “Black Pearl” nestled in the lush vegetation, a place out ...


Only 1 in 100 obtains this Seal

A higher-level certification reserved to higher-level historic residences: 100 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases, 3 months of evaluation. To date, only 108 historic residences out 7838 candidates have got the title of "Historic House of Excellence" and have entered by right the collection of the best Italian historic houses.

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