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  • Monsignor della Casa

    Luxury resort, sec.XVIII - Florence

    Spitting in public, blowing one’s nose uproariously, cleaning one’s hands with the tablecloth… error and horrors that obviously nobody makes nowadays. However, during ... continua

    Distance from Castel Bolognese: circa 49 km


    Seal of Excellence
    latest release: 20 May 2019

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Historic houses for holiday Castel Bolognese

  • Il Castello del Monsignore
    Castle, sec.XV
    Florence - from Castel Bolognese about 49 km

    This was the home of Giovanni della Casa, born in 1503 to Lisabetta Tornabuoni, who was a cousin of Lorenzo the Magnificent. And this was where the young Monsignor Giovanni della Casa ...

  • Tenuta Le Tre Virtù
    Country house, sec.XVIII
    Florence - from Castel Bolognese about 54 km

    Tenuta Le Tre Virtù, where you will have the chance to spend relaxed and peacefully moments immersed in a verdant environment, away from traffic and noise. Our guests will ...

Luxury locations for wedding Castel Bolognese

  • La Pandolfa
    Historic hotel, sec.XVIII
    Forlì Cesena - from Castel Bolognese about 24 km

    The Pandolfa is a historic house built in 1700 by the Marquis Albicini Forlì, later bought and restored by the Ricci family-Piscopo current owner. Nestled in the hills of the ...

  • Villa Ghigi
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX
    Ravenna - from Castel Bolognese about 24 km

    Villa Chigi was built the first 800 by entrepreneur Ravenna Argelli, which initially bore the name. The villa, an elegant historic building located in a park of old trees, is in Godo ...

  • Villa Certani Vittori Venenti
    Luxury villa, sec.XVII
    Bologna - from Castel Bolognese about 32 km

    Villa Certani Vittori Venenti is an historical villa built in the seventeenth century. The villa is located in Vedrana di Budrio, near Bologna. It was completely restored in 2018 and ...

Luxury locations for meeting Castel Bolognese

  • Palazzo Isolani
    Ancient palace, sec.XV
    Bologna - from Castel Bolognese about 41 km

    Situato nel cuore di Bologna, vicinissimo alle famose “2 Torri”, Palazzo Isolani è il luogo perfetto per accogliere meetings, parties e cene di gala nei sontuosi saloni ...

  • Palazzo de' Rossi
    Ancient palace, sec.XVI
    Bologna - from Castel Bolognese about 44 km

    Bartolomeo de’ Rossi was very careful when choosing the location where his sumptuous abode would be built. Here, ladies, pages and knights were to pass many a pleasurable hours ...

  • La Quiete di Mezzana
    Luxury villa, sec.XVII
    Bologna - from Castel Bolognese about 45 km

    The Abbot Belloni, who belonged to the noble family of Bologna, built the Villa at the beginning of the ' 700 and, for the heavenly place where it is located, he denominated the villa ...


Only 1 in 100 obtains this Seal

A higher-level certification reserved to higher-level historic residences: 100 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases, 3 months of evaluation. To date, only 104 historic residences out 7872 candidates have got the title of "Historic House of Excellence" and have entered by right the collection of the best Italian historic houses.

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