• Hotel Castel Rundegg

    Castle, sec.XII - Bolzano

    Set in a fairytale garden overlooking the Alps that gently surround the charming town of Merano, Castel Rundegg is a striking manor built in 1154 as a feudal estate. Nowadays, thanks ... continua

    Distance from Bolzano: circa 24 km


    Corona d'Oro
    Latest release: 5 January 2021

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Historic houses for holiday Bolzano

  • Ansitz Maurn
    Historic house, sec.XI
    Bolzano - from Bolzano about 51 km

    Refined sophistication, classy and modern interiors and the charm of days gone by await you on the historic and exclusive Maurn Estate in Palù near San Lorenzo. Surrounded ...

  • Castel Katzenzungen

    Castle, sec.XIII - Bolzano

    Surrounded by the gentleness of the sinuous hills of Alto Adige, with its 800 years of history, Katzenzungen Castle is a romantic and evocative location set in the middle of the region ... continua

    Distance from Bolzano: circa 15 km


    Corona d'Argento
    Latest release: 11 December 2020

  • Castel Ivano

    Castle, sec.XI - Trento

    A very beautiful Castle for your magic events ... continua

    Distance from Bolzano: circa 50 km


    Corona d'Argento
    Latest release: 3 March 2020

Luxury locations for wedding Bolzano

  • Cason Hirschprunn - Tenuta Alois Lageder
    Historic house, sec.XIV
    Bolzano - from Bolzano about 26 km

    Vast and soft valleys covered by vineyards, apple trees, and even palms, which harmoniously match the rugged, wild, and irregular sceneries that characterize the Dolomites. This is the ...

  • Villa Bortolazzi
    Luxury villa, sec.XVII
    Trento - from Bolzano about 59 km

    - ...

Luxury locations for meeting Bolzano

  • Cason Hirschprunn - Tenuta Alois Lageder
    Ancient palace, sec.XIV
    Bolzano - from Bolzano about 26 km

    The historical Casòn Hirschprunn Estate dates back to the 13th Century, and lends a unique flair to every event. It's a special place representing the perfect venue for weddings, ...


Only 1 in 100 obtain the Golden Crown

The "Residenze d'Epoca Certification Protocol" provides for up to 150 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases and 3 months of evaluation. As a result of this strictness, so far only 1% of the historical residences have been awarded the Golden Crown of Residenze d'Epoca, thus becoming part of the collection of the best historic houses in Italy.

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