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Historic houses for holiday Sicily

  • Palazzo Marletta Luxury House Hotel
    Ancient palace, sec.XVIII

    Catania is a treasure trove of wonders. Every corner keeps a surprise: from the Elephant Fountain to the majestic Cathedral dedicated to Sant'Agata, from the Roman amphitheater to Villa ...

  • Asmundo di Gisira - Art Market Living Boutique
    Ancient palace, sec.XVIII

    The Asmundo Di Gisira Palace, is an example of Sicilian aristocratic architecture, built by the famous architect Giuseppe Palazzotto, at the request of Adamo Asmundo and his wife Maria ...

  • Castello San Marco Charming Hotel & SPA
    Castle, sec.XVII

    A fabulous castle on the sea shore, the sweet sound of the lapping waves that slowly rock the Hellenic feet of Taormina. In the distance, you can admire the evocative fire glows, regurgitated ...

Luxury locations for wedding Sicily

  • Castello San Marco Charming Hotel & SPA
    Castle, sec.XVII

    Splendid, unique and rare gem of a treasure chest, Sicily, which contains an incomparable masterpiece of beauty, nature and art. Castello San Marco Resort in Calatabiano, on the riviera ...

  • Baglio Oneto Luxury Wine Resort
    Historic hotel, sec.XVIII

    “Do you know what is life? Yours and mine? A dream made in Sicily. Maybe we are still there and dreaming”. The words of Leonardo Sciascia reveal the beauty of Sicily, a rugged ...

  • Casa a Trigona
    Historic house, sec.XVIII

    Casa a Trigona è una villa residenziale del 1700 situata alle pendici dell'Etna, a 8 km da Catania, ideale per matrimoni, convegni, congressi, lauree, ricevimenti di ogni genere, ...

  • Castello Chiaramonte
    Castle, sec.XIV

    The Castle is a monument all'ononima Chiaramonte castle architecture and rich. Constructed on the end of a rocky ridge of a hill, maybe seat of Dinner, dominating with its towers, battlements ...

  • Castello di Falconara
    Castle, sec.XIV

    The Falconara Castle is an ideal location to live in an unforgettable way your fairytale wedding, thanks to the elegance and sophistication of the Tower and the Hall of Birds. The breathtaking ...

  • Palazzo Manganelli
    Ancient palace, sec.XV

    Built by Tornabene Family in 1400, the palace passed to Sigona Family and was sold in 1505 to Don Alvaro Paternò, senator and magistrate of Catania, Ambassador to the Queen, the ...

  • Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX

    An old proverb says: Cu’ voli puisia, venga ‘n Sicilia. Who wants poetry should come to Sicily. There is nothing more poetic, and magical, than a wedding in Sicily, a wonderful ...


Only 1 in 100 obtain the Golden Crown

The "Residenze d'Epoca Certification Protocol" provides for up to 150 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases and 3 months of evaluation. As a result of this strictness, so far only 1.3% of the historical residences have been awarded the Golden Crown of Residenze d'Epoca, thus becoming part of the collection of the best historic houses in Italy.

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