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  • Villa Maria
    Luxury villa, sec.XX
    Salerno - from Naples about 37 km

    There are places that can preserve every trace of their own past: fragrances, sounds, colours, flavours, stories… Places of the soul, where you can find yourself by caressing ...

  • Torre San Severino

    Historic hotel, sec.X - Naples

    The history of the San Severino complex probably began as early as Roman times. The tower was part of the series of watchtowers located on the Flegrean coast to defend the area from ... continua

    Distance from Naples: circa 16 km


    Corona d'Oro
    Latest release: 22 November 2023

  • Villa Giusso Astapiana

    Historic hotel, sec.XVII - Naples

    For your wedding, experience the unforgettable sunset at the monastery! Begin with a welcoming drink and then enjoy fine food and wine, while traditional melodies are in the air. We ... continua

    Distance from Naples: circa 27 km


    Corona d'Argento
    Latest release: 16 October 2023

Luxury locations for wedding Naples

  • Punta Castello - Charme & History events
    Luxury villa, sec.XX
    Naples - from Naples about 15 km

    "No gulf in the world shines more brightly than the pleasant Baia," wrote Horace. A place of "otium" and "amoenitas," or relaxation and beauty, the ancient ...

  • Villa Settecento
    Luxury villa, sec.XVIII
    Naples - from Naples about 21 km

    Villa eighteenth century, known as Villa Bifulco, the result of the school Vanvitelliana, is a perfect synthesis of the eighteenth-century neoclassicism. The Villa was home to many famous ...

  • Casale dei Baroni
    Country house, sec.XVI
    Caserta - from Naples about 27 km

    From dawn to dusk, until nightfall, the atmosphere around the house is intoxicating and full of color, light reflections and nuances games, draw water from the large swimming pool, located ...

  • Villa Eva
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX
    Salerno - from Naples about 37 km

    Splendid villa in late liberty style. It is a small jewel immersed in a vast 3000 sqm park of centenary trees and thanks to its position, its roof is the highest point of Ravello, enjoys ...

  • Tenuta donna Fausta
    Country house, sec.XVIII
    Caserta - from Naples about 39 km

    Nestled in a green valley surrounded by luxuriant mountains and spectacular peaks, characterized by rock walls that slowly slope down to the valley, Tenuta Donna Fausta is a romantic ...

  • Castello Ducale Castel Campagnano
    Historic house, sec.XVIII
    Caserta - from Naples about 42 km

    'Castello Ducale Castel Campagnano' is a Chateaux, an historical building built at the end of the 18th century. It was the residence of Comptesse Ferrara, an aristocratic lady who attended ...

  • Il Refolo
    Country house, sec.XIX
    Caserta - from Naples about 48 km

    The Refolo with its 25 hectares of land cultivated with biological system is the ideal location for receptions and ceremonies high in the province of Caserta. It located on the hills ...

  • Masseria Roseto
    Masseria, sec.XVIII
    Benevento - from Naples about 55 km

    'Guest, please come, the landlords will open their hearts'. With these words engraved in Latin on an old iron plaque, Masseria Roseto hosts the newlyweds that want to turn their ...

Luxury locations for meeting Naples

  • Il Refolo
    Country house, sec.XIX
    Caserta - from Naples about 48 km

    Il Refolo con i suoi 25 ettari di terreno coltivato con sistema biologico è la location ideale per ricevimenti e cerimonie nella provincia alta di Caserta. Sorge sulle colline ...

  • Tenuta donna Fausta
    Country house, sec.XVIII
    Caserta - from Naples about 49 km

    Situated in the locality Statigliano, which takes its name from the city of Sannia Staticula, Tenuta Donna Fausta is an ancient and charming farmhouse dating from the eighteenth century, ...

  • Masseria Roseto
    Masseria, sec.XVIII
    Benevento - from Naples about 55 km

    Masseria Roseto has been renewed preserving and enhancing the ancient structure and enriching it with all the latest facilities. The entire renovation process was conducted in full respect ...


Only 1 in 100 obtain the Golden Crown

The "Residenze d'Epoca Certification Protocol" provides for up to 150 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases and 3 months of evaluation. As a result of this strictness, so far only 0.6% of the historical residences have been awarded the Golden Crown of Residenze d'Epoca, thus becoming part of the collection of the best historic houses in Italy.

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