"Historic House Healthsafe” protocol ensures the highest level of safety and health in full compliance with the health regulations for the containment of the COVID-19 infection.

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For more than 20 years, Residenze d'Epoca has been certifying the excellence of the best historical houses in Italy in terms of tourism and events. Our Certification Protocol includes up to 150 Quality Controls (in the last 12 months we have conducted 209.875 checks) and is so rigorous that on average only 5% of the participating structures get the green light to be welcomed in our network.

When the COVID-19 health and epidemiological emergency broke out, we decided to integrate our evaluation protocol with a series of actions to prevent the risk of infection by SARS CoV-2 virus and to 100% protect the health of guests and staff in our historic houses. The prevention protocol called "Historic House Healthsafe" promotes the activity of accommodation (tourism and events) in full compliance with health and containment regulations, on two fronts: 1. Monitor, also through our Quality Inspectors, that all the mandatory standards required by law are observed. 2. Encourage our historic residence to implement additional measures to ensure the maximum level of protection and security for our guests.

For this purpose, the new "Historic House Healthsafe" brand helps to identify the most virtuous facilities, capable of distinguishing themselves also in the safeguarding of public health. Below you can check the updated list of the historic houses that have signed the "Historic House Healthsafe" protocol and have distinguished themselves for the implementation of prevention and containment measures to achieve the 100% COVID-FREE goal.