The Italian Registry of Historic House of Excellence has been working for more than 20 years on the census, cataloguing and classifying Italian historical residences for tourism and events.

The official certifications issued by the Italian Register of Excellent Historical Residences are among the minimum requirements required by the "Residenze Storiche Certification Protocol", without which the prestigious Golden Crowns cannot be awarded.

The archives of the Italian Registry of Historic House of Excellence contain data and information about over 8,000 historical residences, castles, villas and historical residences that carry out activities in the hospitality sector or high level events.

The objective of the Italian Register of Excellent Historical Residences to protect, enhance and promote the historical and cultural heritage of our country through the quality certification of historical residences that offer the possibility to book an exclusive stay, celebrate a memorable wedding or organize high-level meetings.

The Italian Registry of the Historic Houses of Excellence issues two different levels of certification: the Quality Seal and the Seal of Excellence. Two prestigious awards that testify not only to the beauty and charm of a historic residence, but also guarantee the high quality level of the services offered.

The Quality Seal is issued after passing 4 verification phases and 50 Quality Controls, and is a fundamental pre-requisite for all historical residences that want to apply for the Golden Crown and the Double Golden Crown of Historical Residences.

To be awarded the Seal of Excellence it is necessary to pass 10 verification phases and 150 even stricter and more rigorous Quality Controls, always under the supervision of the Technical Certification Commission of the Italian Registry of Historic Houses of Excellence. This is a prestigious award reserved every year for a few, selected excellences and, because of this, it is one of the minimum requirements required of the structures that aspire to the Triple Golden Crowns.


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