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  • Palazzo Torri
    Historic hotel, sec.XVI
    Brescia - Location: Franciacorta

    Amongst the hills of Lake Iseo and the vineyards of Franciacorta is located Palazzo Torri, a splendid noble mansion built in the 1600s. During the 1700s the palace was renovated with ...

Luxury locations for meeting Franciacorta

  • Villa Suardi
    Luxury villa, sec.XVII

    A prestigious villa, a medieval tower, a breathtaking park: here's the ideal scenario for a high-class reception. Built in the XXIII century as a fortified residence, it was the heart ...

  • Castello degli Angeli
    Castle, sec.XI

    Fortification of medieval origin was a monastery for three centuries, today a place of great celebration. The first documents date back to the year 1000, then in 1400 the Carmelite friars ...

  • Castello di Cavernago
    Castle, sec.XIII

    The castle, situated at the crossroads of the provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia, dates from 1243. Bartolomeo Colleoni purchased it in 1470 and brought important changes, and his ...

  • Convento Dei Neveri
    Abbey and monastery, sec.I

    The Convent of Neveri rises in Bariano, the Roman Barius, particularly the Lower Bergamo area which ended up being over time a rich source of finds, constituted not only by sporadic ...

  • Al Castello di Pagazzano La Corte Berghemina
    Historic hotel, sec.XI

    Medieval courtyard adjacent to the moat of the Visconti Castle Pagazzano with beautiful and unique view of the whole complex of the XII Sec. The historic house has been renovated with ...

  • Castello della Marigolda
    Castle, sec.XIII

    The Castello della Marigolda, dating back to 1280, is a residence bound by the Superintendency of Historical Heritage. It's a fortress which stands on the banks of the Brembo river and ...

  • Rocca Visconteo Veneta
    Castle, sec.XI

    The stunning setting of Lonato Castle makes it a truly fabulous location for exclusive events. Set on a hilltop, overlooking Lake Garda and the surrounding countryside, the Castle at ...

  • Castello Visconteo
    Castle, sec.XII

    Visconti Fortress, a castle full of history. Adjacent the Duchy of Milan, on the side of Adda River, this precious building belonging to the XII century, was first the residence of ...

  • Villa Borromeo
    Luxury villa, sec.XVIII

    Villa Borromeo ha il fascino e il prestigio di una delle più belle ville neoclassiche del Settecento lombardo, dichiarata monumento nazionale, realizzata dal Piermarini. Nel suo ...

  • Castello di Sulbiate
    Castle, sec.XV
    Monza Brianza

    The Lampugnani family had their castle built in 1452 in the traditional style of the era, surrounded by a water moat and accessible by mobile bridge. Today, the Sulbiate Castle still ...

  • Villa Bettoni
    Ancient palace, sec.XVIII

    Lake Garda is the perfect setting for a special event. Among the picturesque villages that overlook its Brescia shore, in an area still not touched by mass tourism, arises Bogliaco, ...

  • Villa Calchi
    Historic hotel, sec.XVI

    Casts Villa is a beautiful sixteenth-century residence with frescoes of the early Renaissance Lombardo. It enjoys a unique position lying on top of a hill from where you can admire a ...

  • Villa Cassoli Pellegrini
    Historic hotel, sec.XVI

    Adagiata sulle morbide e verdeggianti colline della Brianza, Villa Cassoli Pellegrini è una raffinata dimora storica dove è possibile coronare il sogno di vivere un matrimonio ...

  • Villa Semenza
    Historic house, sec.XVI

    The Villa Semenza National Monument, located in Santa Maria Hoè, a few kilometers from Lecco, is a wonderful Villa of the 16th Century, which is the result of several edification, ...

  • Villa Conti Cipolla
    Historic hotel, sec.XIX

    Villa Conti Cipolla represents one of the finest examples of XIX century Art Nouveau architecture which can be found in the Nothern area of the Mantua province, called Alto Mantovano ...

  • Villa Lattuada
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX

    A villa, a castle, quite a sight. Every guest, through the gate, will have the perception of one world and different, to live in a perhaps forgotten feeling: the charm of the time. The ...


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