Masseria Matera

Historic houses for holiday Matera

L'Hotel in Pietra (Historic hotel, sec.XIII - Matera) - ubicazione: Matera
L'Hotel in Pietra is located in the Sassi of Matera (Sasso Barisano). It is a boutique hotel, thanks to its exclusiveness, ...

Masseria for wedding Matera

Masseria, sec.XIX - Bari
Antica masseria in pietra, finemente reastaurata, immersa nel verde, nel parco dell'altamurgia. Rappresenta una delle struttura ...
Distance from Matera: circa 23 km
Masseria, sec.XVIII - Taranto
On the Costa del Mar Ionio, in the Apulia of ancient Magna Grecia, rises the eighteenth-century building of Tenuta Montedoro, ...
Distance from Matera: circa 29 km
Masseria, sec.XI - Matera
The structure known as "San Salvatore Abbey" consists of a fortified farmhouse that dates back to the eleventh century, ...
Distance from Matera: circa 31 km

Luxury locations for wedding Matera

La perla del Doge (Luxury villa, sec.XVII - Bari) - da Matera: circa 60 km
Situated in an idyllic location on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, this property reflects the charm of Venice 700. With its spacious ...