A long and precious restoration,a painstaking work of recovery has allowed to keep unchanged the architectonic and pictorial memories of the nineteenth-century. The neo-Gothic mansion dominated by a precious crenellated tower decorated with embossed bricks has completely regained the old charm.
Inside vaulted ceilings, wooden beams, terracotta floors, stone stairs and fireplaces live in perfect fusion between past and present together with antique precious furnishing dating to the seventeenth-century from Tuscany the eighteenth-century from Piedmont the far east - Chine, Tibet, India - testimony of a collection of decades.
Here everything is ecological, in respect of the environment. The most sophisticated technologies for energy saving, geothermal, solar panels, biomass make this new jewel of hospitality an example in the lead in the Italian panorama. The back garden and the biologic orchard, the kitchen that offers typical dishes of the area with Mediterranean and oriental contaminations allow meetings with tastes absolutely genuine.
And in addition the silence, the total privacy, the absolute luxury and the possibility of having the complete structure for a special important occasion to make unique and unforgettable.