The Chigi castle hidden in the Mediterranean scrub by monumental umbrella pines was defined by Antonio Nibbi in the nineteenth century "the enchanted castle in a desert region.
The estate, residence of the Family in the heart of the Castel Fusano pinewood extends for thirty-three hectares towards the sea. It is a wildlife paradise far from the city bustle, the favorite place of several generations of the Chigi Family who bought it in 1750.
Its vast territory, in the heart of what the Romans called Agro Laurentino, preserves the characteristics of the Roman countryside from the eighteenth century. The residence unique in its kind, was commissioned by Cardinal Giulio Sacchetti in 1620. He called the young artist Pietro da Cortona to fresco several rooms - the baroque chapel and the gallery on the piano nobile - and Girolamo Rainaldi to renovate the villa with the configuration of a castle. [show more...]