Set like a precious stone in the countryside of Bordonchio, the palace was built in the 19th century at the behest of Count Pietro Spina on the foundations of an 11th century medieval castle, and stands as a connection point for an area rich in history: Bordonchio, in fact , records traces of the presence of man since the 1st century AD. The Via Popilia or Romea which, starting from Rimini, led to Aquileia, passed by the village of Bordunculos, a probable post station along the route that the consul Popilio Lentate had traced along the Adriatic coast and numerous archaeological finds document a period which was followed by a centuries-old process of consolidation of a dominant rurality of the territory characterized by the presence of religious buildings such as the Parish Church of San Martino, the Abbey of Donegalia, and civil buildings such as the Castrum Libani which later became the hunting lodge of the Malatesta family.
Purchased later in 1917 by Ignazio Benelli, framed by the maritime pines by which it is surrounded and beaten by the sea winds, Benelli Castle is the place where History meets Poetry.
Formerly used for the production of wine, the award-winning farm is still active and today deals with the cultivation of wheat, cereals, corn and vegetables. Inside, the rooms, all frescoed in different ways, have been recently restored, preserving their ancient splendor and keeping intact the historical allure of great charm that constitutes the essence of the Castle. From the entrance hall to the Studio delle Aquile, from the dining room, to the Hall of coats of arms to the Salone di Gigli to the various turrets, Castello Benelli is a residence of great charm, precious and exclusive, which has opened its doors to the public since 2023 and it can be visited with guided tours during the summer months, carefully selected to preserve the value of an iconographic dream which materializes with citations of natural elements and medieval reminiscences. The imposing stables which harken back to ancient times are also very evocative, while on the outside the residence reveals its most exclusive peculiarity and it is here that prestigious events with great scenographic impact take place, immersed in the lush nature of a magnificent park as far as the eye can see which can be seen as soon as you cross the threshold.
The centuries-old maritime pines are joined by plane trees, elms and cypresses in a composition of rare beauty, enlivened by the scent of magnificent jasmine and a large variety of roses, from the speckled to the elegant "Pierre de Ronsard" variety. The garden extends to the edges of the agricultural land, and is interspersed with trees that lead the gaze to the Residence.