Fortification of medieval origin was a monastery for three centuries, today a place of great celebration. The first documents date back to the year 1000, then in 1400 the Carmelite friars realized a small spiritual paradise just a step away from heaven. Through the castle you can feel the energy that only buildings so old and rich in history can transmit. A place where the body meets the soul, where nature and tranquility lift up from modern life in a space to live to get excited.
Castello degli Angeli is History, Present and Future. History is a gift that is expressed in architecture, the Present is us, temporal custodians and responsible for the dream, the Future is the energy that hovers in every event involving all those who live it. Since 2005 Symposium S.r.l. is the management company of the structure within which its very essence is mirrored: after important restoration work and the daily commitment in its maintenance, it wants to share the Castle with who will understand its essence.
In parks the enchantment of nature evokes relaxation and wellbeing and the majestic Bicentennial cedar embraces the new guests giving them security and shelter.
Through the cloister and the frescoed rooms the event takes shape to express itself in all its splendor in the main hall: Nave of the Conventual Church.
The Park Pool and Area 43 offer a modern and design space, places to rediscover for reaching the fullness and totality of the party.
To celebrate private or business events: from intimate moments to engaging situations, Castello degli Angeli is ideal as a location to give life to your dreams!
As for a wedding dress we will tailor your dream!
You want an unforgettable event: charm and elegance are expressed in the care of every detail.
For an alternative event we organize pool parties, brunches and picnics.
The ideas will be transformed into a unique project: yours!