Imagine a place where history and luxury come together in a perfect union, where every detail tells of centuries of elegance and refinement: a magical place, which really exists and is the Sanseverino Princes' Castle.
Built in the 13th century, the Sanseverino Princes' Castle has witnessed eras of splendor and power and boasts majestic and timeless architecture. Every stone, every room and every garden preserve stories of nobility and magnificence, sometimes shrouded in mystery: the ancient well dug into the rock, the secret passage, the stone fireplace, immense and severe, located in the dining room, also called " Fireplace Room”.
The historic Library is of great charm, a place to spend moments of relaxation and carefreeness, full of charm and history preserved in the ancient parchments, papal bulls and library volumes dating back to the late sixteenth century. The castle also has 14 large rooms and a suite: each room has been given the name of a flower which enhances the naturalistic connotation of the structure and the rooms are furnished in various styles, from the eighteenth-century Louis XIV to the nineteenth-century Empire style. Elegant, welcoming and with attention to the smallest details, the rooms all enjoy panoramic balconies overlooking the village and the Pollino Massif.
Its crenellated towers, elegant rooms and enchanting gardens offer a perfect backdrop for a fairytale event. Every corner of the castle has been expertly restored to keep its historical authenticity intact, while offering modern comforts and luxury services.
Every stone and room of the castle holds stories of nobility and magnificence. The property has 14 rooms and one suite, each furnished in various historical styles and equipped with panoramic balconies that offer breathtaking views of the village and the Pollino massif. The castle is an ideal location for corporate events thanks to its elegant rooms and enchanting gardens, which can accommodate up to 100 participants: the residence offers guests a setting of rare beauty, continuous assistance and a wide range of tailor-made services , including elegant mise en place, mood lighting and world-class musical entertainment. During their stay, guests can participate in numerous activities, such as guided tours to discover the history of the castle, tastings of fine wines in the historic cellar and walks in the lush gardens, enjoying an evocative and unforgettable atmosphere.
Organizing a corporate event at Castello dei Principi Sanseverino means embracing a legacy of elegance and refinement, guaranteeing an exclusive experience in an enchanting place that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all participants.