The evocative scenery of the ancient medieval village and the enchanting Limatola Castle, which holds within it its unparalleled beauty, will make your event unforgettable.
Art, history, excellent cuisine, excellent service and attention to detail create an evocative atmosphere in a unique location in Campania.
Limatola Castle opens onto the external loggia leading to the Sala delle Feste, whose vaults are enriched by the frescoes of Antonio Marotta.
The splendid Corte Alta is the heart of the stately building, overlooked by the rooms, the small church and the old kitchens.
From the inner court it is possible to access the oldest part of the manor, reaching the suggestive sale Gotiche, characterized by ogival vaults and bare stones.
To meet the needs of all, Limatola Castle offers accommodation in magnificent suites.