Hospitality has a long tradition in this Castle, the home of the Piossasco counts since the eleventh century, just 20 km from Turin and this is where you will find an enchanting location.
The Feudal Castle Ai Nove Merli, born as a military district, is set in a context of certain beauty, located on a natural terrace with architecture that show the historical phases occurred over the centuries.
It is part of a complex that contemplates a chapel with frescoes of the fourteenth century, a series of defensive walls and architectural elements of great interest such as lookout towers, access portals, entrances and roads.
The Castle houses the outside garden and terraces that are real outdoor rooms.
The charming panorama view of 360 from Monviso to the hill of Turin, embracing Pinerolo, you can live every moment of the event, in a frame of another era. [show more...]