The Convent of Neveri rises in Bariano, the Roman Barius, particularly the Lower Bergamo area which ended up being over time a rich source of finds, constituted not only by sporadic objects, but also by real walls, afterwards incorporated in the monastery complex.
Archaeological finds, attributable to a period from the first to the third century A.D., would indicate that the Convent, founded as such in 1480, arises on the ancient Roman settlement Vicus Averga.
After being auctioned, it was used as a rustic court in 1860 and the main church of the monastery, called Santa Maria dé Neveri, was demolished. However, the other church of the structure, the church of Santa Maria del Carmine remained intact. This church is testimony to very ancient and interesting history, both from a devotional and historical- archaeological point of view; it stands where it was located the medieval church dedicated to St. [show more...]