Corte del Mulino

Luxury villa - Fellegara, Scandiano (Reggio Emilia), sec.XVIII

XVIII secolo

The Corte del Mulino offers a space that is easily adapted to all kinds of events: presentations and product demonstrations, fashion shows, small fairs, exhibitions, concerts and shows, wedding ceremonies and receptions.
In addition to our indoor rooms, square footage and dynamic setting, the outdoor space offers many possibilities. The large pergola, an elegant swimming pool, the green lawn and the marquee can be used for activities and events of any kind.
In the summer, for weddings, they are preferred the beautiful marquee in white veils in the central court of the garden and the relaxed country atmosphere Court's exclusive Mill.
Organize a reception is an art, made up of experience, natural talent and class. For this we rely on the attentive service of the Brothers Sepe and trust in your appreciation to confirm the daily search of a traditional and innovative at the same time that surprises and you remember.

Quality Certification

latest release: 3 July 2017

In order to ensure the high standards required, the selection criteria adopted by the Certification Commission are very strict and also include:

  • more than 124.975 Club Members' suggestions and recommendations
  • scores obtained during anonymous Quality Control inspections
  • renovations quality
  • presence of elements of historical, artistic and cultural relevance
  • rooms' intimacy and exclusivity
  • notoriety, online reviews, references from certified partners
  • advertisement and information pack (website, brochures, catalogues, etc...)
  • reception service and customization level

Latest release date: 3 July 2017

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Corte del Mulino Address and contact

Province of
Reggio Emilia



Via Brugnoletta, 101


Harry Lugli

Phone number

Email address


Corte del Mulino Services & amenities

  • Car parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Fireplace room
  • External capacity 400
  • Internal capacity 150
  • Plenary hall capacity 80
  • Event or banquet halls 4
Technical equipment
  • Sound system
  • Flip chart
  • Microphones
  • Projector display
  • Media presenters
  • Video projector

Restaurant and food services
  • Bar
  • Internal catering
  • Restaurant

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