His Imperial Majesty’s farmhouse of Calappiano was built around 1500 in Pieve di Vinci, it was commissioned by the Grand Duke Francesco I de’Medici and was one of the first models of Tuscan Farmhouse with a wine-growing and producing activity.
During XIX Century, Calappiano was called “The English Villa” due to its new owner, Walter Savage Landor, a popular theatre English writer who was considered Shapkespeare’s most reliable biographer, who moved to Florence because he loved a Florence noblewoman Elfrida Mangioni Landor, who married him later.
Today, The Calappiano Estate of His Imperial Majesty consist of approximately 200 hextares of vineyards, olive-groves and woods and is a conservation area for the reproduction of local fauna.
The Farmhouse is owned by the Sensi Family that is producing and bottling wines since 1890, exporting them almost all over the world.