In the historical-monumental context of Palazzo Borromeo-Arese, a modern and functional hotel that preserves the charm of the past. Built at the behest of Giulio Maria Arese, on the layout of the old walls, incorporating a tower, it never took the form of a country residence. Palazzo Borromeo-Arese has remained a place of great charm, enriched with important architectural and artistic testimonies and a park of over 100,000 m2. with gardens of majestic proportions. The Hotel Parco Borromeo is a charming 4-star hotel, located in Cesano Maderno, which offers itself as an ideal base for those who want to visit Milan, the lakes of Como and Brianza, as well as the wonderful art cities of Lombardy. The privilege of the territory and the historical-monumental context of Palazzo Borromeo-Arese make the Hotel Parco Borromeo a modern and functional place in which to alternate work and relaxation. The Hotel Parco Borromeo has five rooms for meetings and conferences: the Borromeo Room inside the structure, the Cruise Room (which also includes the smaller Assembly Room and Council Room), the Park Room and the Icebox located in the annex next to the Hotel, and finally the splendid Sala Aurora at Palazzo Borromeo-Arese. These rooms are of different sizes and can be used for different types of conference events.
The sumptuous interiors, characterized by luxury furnishings and refined details, create a sophisticated and welcoming environment: every space of the hotel is designed to offer an uncompromising luxury experience.
The Fauno restaurant, located inside the hotel, has large rooms that blend in with the greenery of the park: the glass and iron structure, equipped with a modern air conditioning system, allows you to enjoy the beauty of the park in every season .
The Veranda, inspired by the ancient greenhouses of the 1700s, offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature, which changes color with the seasons, creating a unique and evocative scenario.
The elegant rooms can host refined banquets and important meetings, while the view is perfect for enjoying unique flavors while enjoying an incomparable view.