La Barchessa di Villa Pisani was erected as an outbuilding of the noble Venetian Pisani family’s country house. This structure is a little big jewel placed in the garden of the residence of the same name, designed by Palladio in the XVI century. This and other Venetian country houses by Palladio have been selected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.
La Barchessa was originally intended to house workplaces and divide the different areas of the Villa. It was characterised by a rural look and huge arch awnings specifically designed for agricultural purposes. Nowadays, following a careful restoration, this beautiful building has come back to life. It is a luxury hotel, event venue and restaurant, and it can turn into a beautiful location for a unique, exclusive and unforgettable event.
The fantastic interior is warmed up and it can host up to 250 people. It still preserves the ancient suggestions, especially testified by a series of items dating back to different historical periods, starting from the Middle Age. Furthermore, the surrounding park is adorned with many sculptures that constitute the contemporary art exhibition, which makes this important residence, created by Palladio, stand out.
The staff of La Barchessa di Villa Pisani will make available their professionalism and expertise, in order to organise a unique and unforgettable event. They will meticulously manage different aspects of the organisation: flower decorations, original and impeccable table and environment ornamentation.
The banquet service is extremely well-finished and it offers a wide choice of custom menus to delight the guests. The dishes are prepared by our chef, who carefully leads the lovely bunch in the adjoining restaurant, Osteria del Guà. Osteria del Guà is Villa Pisani’s flagship. This restaurant proposes balanced dishes that respect tradition with a glance at the future. Only high-quality seasonal ingredients are employed; they come from the local areas, even from Villa Pisani’s vegetable garden.