A thousand-year old story for an evocative place surrounded by the natural beauties of Parco del Ticino. Parco dello Zerbo holds in about five hectares garden all the charming green of nature, where the amazing villa designed by architect Piero Portaluppi, the early XVIII century historical church and an old little house dating back to 1500 all inlay like precious stones. The story goes that this little house was originally the chapel shielding the painting of Madonna dello Zerbo, before it was moved to the bigger church where it is still kept today. (So that, the painting was moved from the old little chapel, situated in front of the present one, to the bigger and more beautiful new little church. That was the very beginning of the present Sanctum).
Charm, architecture and nature merge in a unique amazing place, situated in the very heart of the Lombardy Region, two km far from the village of Besate, near Milan.
The wedding of your dreams? Make it come true at Lo Zerbo, the perfect place to fulfil the brightest day of your life. A civil ceremony can be officiated , while the reception can be hosted in the adjacent villa, avoiding any kind of displacement. Once arrived to this place, your guests will distress and enjoy the day: Lo Zerbo offers all the space you need to celebrate the wedding you have always dreamt of: from civil ceremony to open-air reception in the garden, as well as in the beautiful rooms of the villa. A wide car park is also available for all the invited guests. It may be a birthday or a graduation party, just a cocktail or a garden reception with live music, Lo Zerbo offers all you need.