Villa Giovanelli Fogaccia, the current home of the Principi Giovanelli, is an exclusive location for weddings, conventions and receptions in Rome, located between Via Aurelia and Via Boccea. The Villa was built by the architect Marcello Piacentini at the beginning of the twentieth century and inaugurated by King Vittorio Emanuele III.
Always used for receptions and noble dances, Villa Giovanelli - Fogaccia today is Poetry for every story. Turn your every event into unforgettable moments.
The hospitality from the owners, guarantees the elegance and the uniqueness with the noble courtesy of past times for receptions and company conventions.
Each event is unique and uses all available indoor and outdoor spaces. 4 indoor lounges, the park of 8 hectares consists of: an imposing villa front, a paved courtyard, a lawn with lake and islet, Italian gardens, Mediterranean gardens and ample parking for over 500 cars.
The catering and banqueting service (with preparation and cuisine inside the Villa) is exclusive to the company Natalizi, the historic name of Roman gastronomy since 1927. Each menu is personalized and includes specific diets for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs.